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Thank you

We would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who supported us this year.
Thank you to the wonderful organisations who we work in partnership with for your help and guidance, the work that you all do is amazing!
A huge thanks goes to our incredible staff and volunteer team including our amazing Trustees who helped to shop, pack and deliver information packs, food parcels, activity parcels for older people and activity parcels for young people. The feedback from this support has been overwhelming and it has been so wonderful to hear the boost that it has given people.
We are so grateful to be based in such a fantastic, supportive community and we look forward to working with you all again in 2021. We are closed from 23 December 2020 and will be back on 4 January 2021.
We hope you have a lovely break, stay safe and we wish you good health and happiness for the New Year.

Action for Happiness

How amazing are these Action for Happiness calendars?
We always share their monthly calendars but these two calendars are ones you can use at any time of the year.
The first is a families calendar, things that you can do each day together and the second is a coping calendar. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do ☺️

October Half Term 2020

It has been absolutely lovely to have people back in the centre after 7 months!!

We have some lovely photos and comments to share with you from our activities.

On Monday we held our Still Life Painting Workshop, young people chose from a selection of items including a pumpkin, a Sansevieria, fruit and a Robin made from reclaimed metal.

Some of our young people focussed on select items whilst others painted the whole image as they saw it. It was amazing to see the creativity and interpretations of the objects.

We discussed different types of art as well as light, shadows, scale, contrasting colours, organic and geometric shapes and paint.

We asked for some feedback from the young people that attended the class and the response to “what did you enjoy most?” was:

“I liked all of it, especially using different colours and experimenting”

“Doing it all by myself and the final product” and,

“Drawing on the canvas and sketching” 

On Tuesday we held our first Macramé class where we taught young people to make keyrings with a selection of autumnal Macramé cord.

We discussed how to position our hands to make it easier to tie the knots, how to make different patterns including how to only show one colour and we brought in items to show the young people other things that can be achieved with Macramé cord such as plant hangers, coasters and decorative rainbow pieces.

When asked what young people learnt from this class we received the following feedback:

“To make different types of knots”

“How to make a keychain”

And we really value receiving feedback from parents so it was wonderful to receive the following message:

“Ava greatly enjoyed attending the canvas workshop and crafty macramé keyrings. She was really pleased with what she had achieved during a couple of hours well spent. Thank you so much Sarah and Sofia.”

On Wednesday we held 2 sessions of Bike Maintenance with 4 young people in each session. The weather was kind to us and we were able to hold the classes outside.

The sessions were fantastic, it was lovely to hear young people asking questions and watching them learn how to use different tools and how to check their bikes were safe.

We believe it is very important to learn basic bike maintenance, especially when bikes are the main mode of transport for many young people, keeping our bikes in good shape can keep us safer whilst out cycling.

To receive this response from a parent about our Bike Maintenance class was amazing too:

“Thank you to you and your team for the great bike maintenance session on Wednesday morning. My 12 year old twins learned a lot and passed on their knew- found knowledge to me so thank you. Looking forward to the next classes.”

On Thursday we were due to hold 2 local bike rides but unfortunately the weather got the better of us and we had to cancel our second session.

The morning session went ahead and a group of 6 young people spent a couple of hours cycling locally.

Before the group went out it was important to do some safety checks and practice cycling as a group. Our group did the following before setting off:

  • Learnt how to fit their helmets properly
  • Ensured all brakes were working as they should
  • Ensured bikes were in good working order
  • Put on a Hi-Viz jacket
  • Practiced cycling in 1’s and in 2’s
  • Learnt what to listen out for from tutors whilst cycling
  • Discussed road safety

Once out cycling they visited the Ainsdale Pinewoods and had a great time exploring the trails through there. Everyone came back a bit wet and muddy but the rain didn’t put them off at all so that was great!

We received this email about our session this week which was amazing:

“Thanks so much for the activities this week he has really enjoyed each one, came home buzzing about what he had learnt on bike maintenance and is now in charge of our bikes! This morning’s bike ride through Pine woods he enjoyed all dressed for the weather so might have been dripping wet but enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to future activities you all do a fantastic job, it made half term this week under the current restrictions.”

We are so pleased to have been able to host some fun and creative classes this half term and we’re already planning our next workshops so watch this space!!

To finish off we would just love to share this feedback we received from one of the parents this week:

“Staff and volunteers really understand local community they go out of their way to provide excellent high quality services”

We’re always trying to improve where we can and always looking for feedback so to receive such lovely comments from all of our young people and parents this week has been overwhelming in the best possible way! Thank you all so much for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Bike maintenance and local bike rides

Yesterday 8 young people learnt some amazing skills on our Bike Maintenance courses and we were super impressed with our group this morning that braved the rain for a local bike ride. We are so pleased with how successful all of the sessions were, the groups we had on each session were fantastic, we were very impressed with how much everyone learnt and how enthusiastic everyone was too. That is our half term done and we’re so happy to be back up & running activities for local people!


Macramé workshop

Our Macramé class has just finished and we are super impressed at how quickly the young people that attended picked up the knots we taught them! Amazing work and amazing results!!
Today we learnt a larks head knot, a left and right handed square knot and how to use these together to create a square knot pattern or individually to create a spiral, a gathering knot and how to invert our cord to create a gap/change colours and show space between patterns! An hour and a half was just enough time to make two lovely keyrings to take home 😁👏

Our first class back!!

Yesterday afternoon we held our first class in 7 months, it was absolutely lovely to be back and see lots of familiar faces in the community centre!

We held a Still Life Canvas Workshop where young people were encouraged to sketch and then paint some or all of the still life objects we had set up for them.

Each young person had a different interpretation and approach to this task. With some focussing on the whole image and then adding in their own creative touch to finish their painting to other focussing on one or two objects and using their colour wheels to help find contrasting colours to paint with. We were very impressed with the finished results of yesterdays class and we can’t wait to see what today brings in our Macramé class!